Thursday, January 27, 2011

Smart Communications HTC 7 Mozart Promo

Smart Communications has revived its HTC 7 Mozart Promo until April 30, 2011. The details of the promo can be found at this link.

I just noticed that at Smart Gold Plan 500 you have to add Php27,000 for the HTC 7 Mozart. At Smart Gold Plan 800 and you have to add Php24,000. At Smart Gold Plan 1200 and you have to add Php21,000. At Smart Gold Data Plan 1500 you have to add Php19,000.  The HTC 7 Mozart from the following authorized dealer with an official HTC Warranty only costs Php24,000 from CMK Cellphones.

Not much of a carrier subsidy from Smart Communications. For the 19K-27K cash out for the phone, we really would recommend an open line HTC 7 Mozart or a HTC Desire and avoid the two year lock-in. The Desire is not just Php21,500 with a HTC Warranty.

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  1. I have HTC Smart and i got it in £89. HTC Smart is a pioneer product, according to some unofficial sources, the Motorola also plans to produce mid-range smartphone to use this platform.


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