Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Performance and Benchmarks

Cherry Mobile has shocked the local tech scene by announcing the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt. Php3,999 for a 7-inch tablet with an 1280 x 800 pixel resolution HD display, quad core processor and 1 GB of RAM almost unbelievable. The specifications sheet reads like a Asus Nexus 7 at less than a third of the price.

The biggest question mark in with the new Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt is the chipset and graphics processing unit (GPU). The Fusion Bolt has a 1GHz quad-core Actions Semiconductor ATM7025 processor paired with a Vivante GC1000+ GPU. How well does this combination perform.

Pinoytech Blog has benchmarked the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt an the tablet and the performance is very good for a Php3,999 tablet, but really is better than dual core tablet but not as good as powerful  than a quad core tablets.

Antutu Benchmarks

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt - 5665 points

The Samsung Galaxy Tab P3110 uses a dual core processor on a TI OMAP chipset with a PowerVR SGX 540 GPU. The Google Nexus 7, has a quad core Nvidia Tegra 3.                          

Examining a breaking down of three key aspects of the Antutu benchmarks would show they key areas where the ATM7025 processor paired with a Vivante GC1000+ GPU fall short.

Samsung Galaxy Tab P3110

CPU integer - 1358
CPU float point - 1102
3D graphics (1024 x 600) - 1085

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt

CPU integer - 1313
CPU float point - 901
3D graphics (1280 x 800) - 1513

Google Nexus 7

CPU integer - 3679
CPU float point -2692
3D graphics (1280 x 800) - 2874

The quad core ATM7025 processor really does not perform better than a dual core unit. The dual core 1 GHz TI OMAP on the Samsung Galaxy P3110 is actually one of the slower dual core options on th market.

The Vivante GC1000+ GPU actually fairs pretty well. It does 40% better than the PowerVR SGX540 GPU on the Samsung Galaxy P3110 despite having to push 60% more pixels. Roughly the  Vivante GC1000+ GPU is twice as powerful as the PowerVR SGX540 GPU.

My advice, is don't look a gift horse in the mouth. If you compare the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt to a Google Nexus 7 which costs more the than three time more, the Google Nexus 7 is more than twice as fast. But you should not expect the same performance for a third of the price.

If you compare the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt to a Samsung Galaxy P3110 which will cost you more than twice as much, the Fusion Bolt looks to be a much better value for money option.

Update: Apparently, the Cherry Mobile Fusion benchmarks cited above was the result of pre-production firmware. An independent test score the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt at 12042 points


  1. Nice article. I've been eyeing this tab right after they've announced it. I hope it handles Shadowgun well.

    1. Most of the major Philippine Blogs received a free Fusion Bolt, so I expect you will see full reviews soon, which should answer your question. I noticed a lot of the blogs commented about UI lag. I did not comment on the issue since I do not have a unit. But when I run the default launcher on vanilla Android I do notice some lag on many Android devices. Nova or Apex launchers correct this. I will probably be buying this Tab when it comes out in March. So I can give it a better look than.

    2. Looking at the benchies and some other comments regarding the Venus lite, I guess this won't satisfy my gaming needs. I guess I'll go and save up for the engage 7hd or the nexus 7 instead.

  2. They outsmarted Samsung Galaxy Tab P3110 (w/c is P9,800 in the current market). Excited enough for the release.

    1. Yup, your right. This is the biggest thing since the Flare.

  3. My only concern though is the build quality and the after sales support. Cherry Mobile is known to have poor customer support. I hope they have addressed this issue now.

    1. It would be nice to think so, but the reality is I think we will need to be moderate in our expectations. Selling things at better prices often means working on thinner margins, and cutting cost in some areas. Quality control is not likely to be as stringent as more premium brands, and less money can be spent on customer support.

  4. I am an avid follower of this blog by the way though I have a tiny niggle. Your insights are great but please do a quick review of your articles first before posting them. I'm seeing a lot of typos and wrong grammar here and there, otherwise the content is good. Just a constructive criticism, I hope you don't mind. Keep the articles coming. :-)

    1. No offense taken, and you are not the first to point it out. The manner in which I make the post, is not the best. I tend to write posts during breaks between my real work, and I do rush things too much. I keep promising myself to post less and review more. But lets see if I can keep things cleaner from this point.

  5. Why did you delete my comment? Is it because your results are flawed? I only said that your scores for the Galaxy Tab 2 are too low for the Antutu benchmark. You could have edited the results posted, but you really had to delete the comment. Pffft. - CARLO

    1. From the email notifications, it looks like you posted a comment, posted a reply to the comment to add information, and deleted the original comment.

      Anyway, from the link in the post, the source of the Benchmarks is the Antutu Database itself. The results posted there seem conservative, for example a Nexus 7 can benchmark close to 14K points. But it is still the official repository.

    2. It's weird, because I get a 7.2k score on stock Touchwiz Jelly Bean, while I got 5.8k when it was still ICS. Those people must be running tests with a ton of stuff in the background.

    3. I can have gotten 5076 points on a single core Desire HD (overclocked to 1.5 GHZ on a custom ICS sense ROM) so the benchmark is low. Could have been a bad submission to Antutu, or a bad result from a previous version of the benchmarking software and no one has submitted a better result.

  6. Be aware that fusion bolt does NOT include driver for connecting to windows PC nor OTG cable(you can buy that in CDR-KING for 60php). Neither are there drivers or support on CM's website!

    I have one here and got very dissapointed when I discovered this, since in all reviews I have read the OTG cable was included. Also appearntly the reviewers have not tried connecting to PC and transfer files - shame on them!

    Also you can forget about using your old USB modem if its not in the support list. I tried to get my Huawei E1552 to work for the last 9 days. Tried all tips and tricks there is to find on the net.

    Regarding the drivers, you can download a flashing tool from here and it contains the drivers according the the OP.

    CM Fusion bolt is a re-branded Ainol Novo 7 tablet. You wont find the drivers on Aino's (Ainol) website either, and there the name of this tablet is not Venus, but Myth.

    Shame on CM for the lack of support.


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