Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nokia Lumia 620 - Nokia's Hail Mary Pass

Just a few years ago, Nokia was the most respected brand in the Philippine market. Now, it is overshadowed by brands like Samsung, Apple, HTC, Sony and LG. The recently released Nokia Lumia 820 will allow it to claw back some market share, and the Nokia Lumia 920 is eagerly awaited, but Nokia fortunes in the Philippine will depend on the Nokia Lumia 620.

The Nokia Lumia 610 released in 2012 was priced right for the local market, but the 65K color display was not a very pretty sight.  It was too underpowered for others. Only 8 GB of non-expandable internal storage was a deal breaker for many. VGA only video recording was another serious limitation. The Nokia Lumia 610 also had no secondary camera for video calls. The announcement that Windows 7 devices would not get a Windows 8 update pretty much killed it. 

The Nokia Lumia 610 has been replaced by the Lumia 620. The Lumia 620 is a very good take two.

The Nokia Lumia 620 has a 3.8-inch WVGA (480 x 800) display is still large enough not to be overlooked. The new displays 16 M color ClearBlack display wont disappoint.  With a dual core 1 GHz Qualcomm Krait processor and Adreno 305 graphics, absence of muscle wont be an issue this time. The internal storage is still just 8 GB, but now expandable via microSD card, with up to 64 GB cards supported.  The 5MP camera does 720p video and it has a secondary camera.

So, when do we see the new Nokia offering. This weekend

So, when do we see the new Nokia offering. This weekend. And the price will reportedly be a friendly Php11,600. This phone comes with the hardware of an HTC Windows Phone 8S, with a seriously low price. At this price, Nokia has the hardware to be a winner, if it can convince you Windows Phone 8 is as good as Google's Android or Apple's iOS.

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  1. Three months back I made a major mistake of exchanging my Sony Xperia Neo V for Nokia 610. And I was never so frustrated before. Never imagined any Nokia phone to be so underpowerred, low on performance. The 610 has nothing in its favour except only the editing of office documents. If 620 also happens to be in the same league, think twice before going for it. Android based phones are much more reliable, sturdy and offer variety.


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