Thursday, February 28, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 versus Lenovo S890

Two new mid-priced 5-inch Android phones were recently launched in the Philippines. The Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 versus Lenovo S890. The Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 can be had for Php16,800 while the Lenovo S890 is priced much lower at Php12,800.

At first glance, the lower priced Lenovo S890 actually looks like the better overall choice. The Lenovo S890 has a 5-inch qHD (540 x 960) display which results in a 220 pixel per inch density. The Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 has a lower resolution 5-inch WVGA (480 x 800) display which gives you a 187 pixel per inch density. The Lenovo S890 has a larger 2250 mAh battery, as compared to the 2100 mAh battery of the Samsung. The Lenovo S890 is also a tad bit slimmer and more compact package. 

On closer inspection, the Samsung has its own set of advantage, having 8 GB internal storage as against the 4 GB in the Lenovo S890. Since both phones have MicroSD card slots, this is not a decisive advantage. The Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 has a better front camera, a 2 MP unit, as against the Lenovo's S890 VGA camera. The Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 can also capture 1080p video while the Lenovo S890 is limited to 720p video. Now this is something you should realy consider. Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 has a faster HSPA radio.

Basically, it is a tough between these two, but I would pick the Lenovo S890 because of the sharper screen. 


  1. i will go for galaxy grand, it feels and looks like you're using galaxy S3 in a low price

  2. Its your call bro, but the resolution is a very important part of using a smartphone now a days, esp because you dont use it only for call and sms anymore, but for viewing pics and video as well....not to mention the price difference also.

  3. after s890 came to the market, immediately i get it without any hesitation unlike being hesitant for the grand 1082. and now, i can tell you that im a very intelligent for having the s890. the best 5 incher and dual sim in the market today.

    1. i have here my lenovo s890, smooth, without any lag, comparable with the lg optimus l9 in its screen resolution but has a higher processor speed it 1.2 ghz dual core. the colors are crisp, not as much as samsung galaxy s3 or xperia z, optimus g but returns the value of your money. what i like further, is that it is dual sim.. hands down lenovo for an affordable mid range smartphone.. i think samsung should realize that some of their phones are overpriced..


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