Friday, December 7, 2012

Globe Telecom Apple iPhone 5 Plans and Pricing

Globe Telecom has released its Apple iPhone 5 pricing. Prepaid Globe will be selling the iPhone 5 at the following prices:

16 GB - Php35,400
32 GB - Php40,800
64 GB - Php46,300

Globe Telecom is also offering post paid plans for the iPhone 5. 
  • iPhone 5 16 GB is free at Plan 2499
  • iPhone 5 32 GB is free at Plan 3799
  • iPhone 5 16 GB is free at Plan 5000 
All plans are subject to a two year lock in.

My favorite Globe Plan for the iPhone 5 is Plan 1799. Plan 2499  give you the free iPhone 5 16 GB free with a two year commitment of Php59,976. Plans 1799 has a Php4,800 cash component but in the end you will fork out Php47,976. With Unlimited data you voice call and SMS usage should go down,  so the Php800 consumable of Plan 1799 should be enough.


  1. is the plan 1799 already has a consumable unlimited call and text to globe networks? disregarding the freebies or boosters,

    1. It does not come with unlimited call and text.


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