Friday, December 28, 2012

Google Ten Best Apps of the Year - One more should be added to the list

Google had named its ten best apps of the year. You will find the list at this link (will take you to Google Play). There is one app I think should be on the list, Tasks by Team Tasks. 

Ironically, Android does not have a native app for its tasks list which is part of Google Calendar. I use tasks a lot, and when I got an Android the first thing I tried to do was find a great tasks app, which synced with Google Tasks. After over a year of jumping from one app to another, most of which I found too busy, I found Tasks by Team Tasks. It is a well designed app that does not overcomplicate the function of maintaining a task lists and really feels like a native Android app.  It brings 100% of the functionality of Google Tasks to your phone with a a nice Holo themed user interface. It even has a option for a tablet optimized interface. I think Google should have placed this on their best ten apps list.

Anyway, give it a look yourself. Tasks by Team Task has a ten day demo, and the full version costs just a bit more than a dollar. Task users have give this app a 4.7 out of 5 rating.

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