Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Budget 5-inch Droid Fight: Cherry Mobile Titan v. MyPhone A919 Duo

Both Cherry Mobile and MyPhone now offer low cost 5-inch dual SIM Android phones. Internally, both phones are similar. Both are powered by a 1 GHz dual-core processor on a MediaTek  MT6577 chipset with a PowerVR SGX531 graphics chip. Both comes with 4 GB of internal storage which is expandable via a MicroSD card.  In terms of software, both phones are powered by Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The 5-inch Cherry Mobile offering is the Titan, which is priced at Php6,499. Having gone to five Cherry Mobile outlets, and unable being to find a unit for sale on stock, it appears to be selling really well. I did not have too many problems finding a 5-inch MyPhone A919 selling at a higher price of Php7,999 it is not too surprising if it will be a slower seller.

From a buyers perspective, the question is whether the MyPhone A919 has better hardware to justify the Php1,500 price premium.

MyPhone A919

MyPhone A919 Duo advantages:

1. Display - The MyPhone A919 has a 480 x 854 resolution IPS display, which has a higher resolution than the 480 x 800 display of the of Cherry Mobile Titan. The IPS display of the MyPhone A919 should also mean better image quality, but I have not been able to compare them side-by-side.

2. Camera - The MyPhone A919 has a 8MP camera, higher than the 5 MP unit Cherry Mobile Titan. Higher megapixels do not translate to higher image quality and so far none of the entry level phones I have seen produce great images. 

3. TV-Out and USB on-the-go support. The MyPhone A919 supports 

Cherry Mobile Titan

Cherry Mobile Titan advantages:

Battery - The Cherry Mobile Titan only has one specification which exceeds the MyPhone A919. The Titan has a 2350 mAh battery, as against the 2000 mAh battery of the A919. That should mean 16% longer battery life.


The larger battery and lower price would make me pick the Cherry Mobile Titan, well when I finally am able to find one. 

As for the MyPhone A919, holding it in hand, I just could not get myself to buy it. From pictures, the Cherry Mobile Titan looks like a rather generic Android phone design. But this is something I can respected. In the end, looking at available handsets, the Cherry Mobile Titan looks like a Cherry Mobile Titan.

In hand, the  MyPhone A919 looks like a Samsung Galaxy S III wannabe. I am fine with a entry level phone. I just don't one looking like it was designed to copy something else.

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  1. Hi!

    I'm curious, what is the stock user-interface on both phones? Is it manufacturer-skinned or Vanilla Android? The MyPhone A919 seems to have their own UI skin while the Cherry Mobile Titan seems to have an unskinned Android UI. Please advice. Thanks very much! :)



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