Thursday, December 6, 2012

HP's Sleekbooks

Thin and light is not what is used to be. A year after the first Ultrabook's launched, thin and light is now mainstream. This is best demonstrated by HP Sleekbook line. A Sleekbook is a name HP coined for laptops which are Ultrabook like, but do not meet Ultrabook specifications. Meaning it does not have an SSD or hybrid drive, or it is not power by an Intel processor. HP has launched a whole gaggle of 14-inch Sleekbooks in the Philippines. 

These Sleekbooks are powered by a series of processors ranging from a lowly AMD E2-1800 priced at Php22,990 to a fairly powerful Core i5-3317U at Php37,990, with several other offerings between these two price points. These price ranges represent the bulk of laptop sales in this country.

HP is hoping that it can lure you to buy one of its Sleekbooks with their low prices, slim 0.8-inch profiles and light 4-pounds in weight. 

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