Saturday, December 15, 2012

Samsung Series 5 NP-535U4C-A01PH

If you are looking for a low cost thin and light laptop these days, it is hard to find a better one than the Samsung Series 5 NP-535U4C-A01PH.

The Samsung Series 5 NP-535U4C looks like you typical 14-inch low cost affair these days, which is actually pretty impressive. Low cost laptops these days are impressively thin, and impressively light. The Samsung Series 5 NP-535U4C is just 0.8-inches thin and weighs in a 3.99 pounds. Light enough to be classified as an ultraportable. The 14-inch display is your typical HD display with a 1366 x 768 screen resolution. 

The first are of concern for a buyer is the AMD processor inside. For 30K you can have an Intel Core i3-3217U powered laptop. But the AMD A8-4555M APU inside the Samsung Series 5 NP-535U4C is actually the more powerful unit.

AMD A8-4555M APU - 2,808 PassMark Points 
Intel Core i3-3217U - 2,288 PassMark Points

This makes is standout in the 30K price range.

Backed up by 4GB of RAM, the Samsung Series 5 NP-535U4C is a fairly powerful laptop. It comes with a optical drive, USB 3.0, HDMI out, WiFi, Bluetooth, SDCard slot and the usual trimmings you expect to find in a laptop these days. Storage is provided via a conventional 500 GB hard drive.

Also making this laptop standout is the 8-cell battery which is rated at 6-hours of battery life. More impressive though is that Samsung promises that the battery will last 1,500 charge cycles, which is higher than the 500-1000 charge cycles you find in other laptop batteries.

Priced at Php30.900 with Window 8 64-bit, you should certainly give this laptop a look if you are looking for a low cost 14-inch laptop.

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