Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Around the web: iOS 5, iCloud and OS X

iOS5. CNET has an article on what iOS5 brings here. An Android type notification system, Over-the-Air Updates (like Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry), Twitter sharing integration (like Android), iMessage (like BBM or GTalk) and several other neat changes. Nothing ground breaking, but improvements which are necessary to bring Apple's iOS on par with other mobile operating systems.

Still no widgets though and no further enhancements in multitasking, and no new iPhone.But iOS5 looks like one very solid update.

iCloud. Apple joins Amazon and Google in the Cloud. This is all very interesting in other countries, but with the state of both mobile and fixed line broadband in the country, cloud services are not yet all that big here. Anyway, you can read all about it at PCMag.

OS X. GSMArena (aren't they more into phones) has an excellent article on what to expect from Mac OS X Lion. Not bad for US$30, the improve task management system alone probably makes it worth it. The 4GB update size is troubling. My Globe DSL connection is capped to 1GB per day. Where can I borrow a un-capped really fast connection :)

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