Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nokia's Symbian Anna update

... and a lot more actually.
Symbian Anna, which made its appearance with the Nokia E6 and X7 earlier this month. While we really cannot recommend buying a E6 or X7 given that they are expensive devices and Symbian OS is going the way of the Dodo, if you already own an S^3 device, the Anna upgrade complies with the promises Nokia made about a major update. But Symbian Ana is a big improvement over Symbian S^3.

By July 2011, Symbian Anna will be found in retail Nokia N8, E7, C-7 and C6-01 mobile phones. Owners of Nokia N8, E7, C-7 and C6-01 mobile phones can download the update by August 2011.

Is there a Symbian device we recommend? I am not sure if the manufacturing issues with the Nokia N8 have been resolved, but if the issues have been resolved the excellent 12MP camera is enough in my opinion to overlook the now obsolescent operating system. 

We have had no luck on the three Nokia N8's we have acquired from December 2010 to January 2011. Three out of three shutdown/constant reboot problems. The second unit was replaced outright by a unit of a different manufacturer sicne it one had the problem right out of the box. The two others operated normally for two months or so before showing the same symptoms and the motherboards were replaced under warranty. One Nokia N8 which had its motherboard replaced in February 2011 is still going strong. The other one was sold after it was repaired.

Who knows, I may buy one down the road as a back-up to my HTC Desire HD. Yes, the camera is that good, and HDMI out and USB-on-the-Go is a very useful feature.

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