Thursday, June 9, 2011

HTC's new flagship, the HTC Sensation

 The HTC Sensation obtains Editors Choice awards from CNET, Laptop Magazine and PC Magazine. We expect the HTC Sensation to come into the Philippines sometime this month, and replace the HTC Desire HD as the flagship of HTC line-up. 

What does the HTC Sensation bring? We won't  be getting the 4G version in the Philippines. From a mobile date standpoint the Sensation won't be any faster the current HTC Desire HD's 14.4 HSDPA and 5.76 HSUPA rating. Given the capability of the local networks, there really is not need for anything faster than this right now. But the Sensation brings several significant upgrades.

qHD. The HTC Desire HD, despite is HD moniker does not have a HD screen. It has a 480 x 800 10:16 screen, with a ratio similar to what you would find on a laptop. The HTC Sensation has a 540 x 960 screen, which gives you greater pixel density, but more importantly, has a 9:16 ratio screen, which is the same as the 16:9 ratio of 1080p and 720p screens. Instead of the 4.3-inch LCD unit you find on the Desire HD, the Sensation will have a 4.3-inch S-LCD screen. In sum, the Sensations screen will play HD content more optimally, and with a higher pixel density, with more clarity too.

HTC Sense 3.0. A good reason to buy an HTC is their proprietary Sense user interface. The Sensation brings an upgraded Sense interface which includes new HTC Apps and Trace text input (similar to SWYPE). 

20% faster than doubled. Dual core. That is what everyone is really waiting for, the HTC Sensation brings a dual core technology to HTC. Not only does the Sensation have two processors as against the single processor of the Desire HD, the Sensations processors are clocked 20% faster at 1.2GHz. Support the faster processor is a faster graphical processing unit (GPU), the Adreno 220. Graphically though, the Adreno 220 is behind Tegra 2 units. Still the Adreno 220 GPU provides substantially more punch than the Adreno 205 found on the Desire HD.

1080p. HTC phones have never been the best camera phones when it comes to taking stills and at video recording, but the HTC Sensation will be able to take 1080p video. The Desire HD is limited to 720p.

Longer battery life. A larger 1520 mAh battery is provided with the HTC Sensation than the 1230 mAh battery found in the Desire HD. With the larger battery also comes longer battery life, which we expect to be 15-20% longer.

All in all, HTC's new flaship has improved on the HTC Desire HD, and based on reviews from the top technology sites, HTC has a created a worthy successor  to the HTC Desire HD.

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