Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Globe Telecom's Super Surf Data Plan

Globe Telecom data plan used to be a Php1,200 peso add-on to any of its plans and a was offered as a free add-on to Plan 3799. The bad part about this was that the data add-on was not considered as part of the plan insofar as available phones were concerned. Meaning if you got Plan 999 plus a data add-on, you get a phone for Plan 999 while paying at least Php2,199 a month. Now if you get Data Plan 1,799 you get a Plan 1,799 phone.

Cost of unlimited data at Globe Telecom has gone down from Php1,200 a month to Php999. The new plans are as follows:
  • Plan 999 - Unlimited data, plus a freebie and you pay per minute of call and text outside the freebie.
  • Plan 1799 - Unlimited data, plus three freebies and Php800 consumable.
  • Plan 2499 - Unlimited data, plus five freebies and Php1,500 consumable.  

For details on the "freebies" go to Globe Telecom's website.

This effectively makes Globe Telecom's Super Surf data plan cheaper than Smart Unlimited Data Plans. Smart Unlimited Data Plans also have a 1.5GB cap per month and tethering is not allowed.  No mention of the cap on Globe Telecom's Super Surf data plan. If it is capped, it would be 1GB per day.

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