Monday, June 6, 2011

My favorite Android apps: Unit & currency converter

With all the apps included on the HTC Desire  HD, both HTC proprietary and third party, you would think some kind of basic unit converter and currency converter would be included. Plenty of free unit and currency converters can be found in the Android Market. After having gone through four free unit converters and three free currency converters I settle on one that does both jobs. 

Wopnersoft's Unit Converter is actually both a unit and currency converter. I chose use the free version. There is a even more powerful Wopnersoft Unit Converter Plus with more currencies (165 countries v. 60 countries in the free version) and the ability to create custom units power users.  In fairness, all the apps I tried were good, what decided me on keeping Wopnersoft's Unit Converter was that I would have one app to do two jobs, and the ability to save shortcuts your favorite conversions (in my case Philippine Peso to U.S. Dollar, mm to inch, gram to pounds and kilograms to pounds) makes the app the easiest to use.

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