Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Month five on the Smart Unlimited Data Plan

Just a short post for tonight. In the past three months I have incurred mobile browsing charges of between Php20 to Php50 per month on my Smart Unlimited Data Plan. I got my bill for the month of May-June 2010, I incurred zero data charges on my unlimited plan. Cool!


  1. I subscribed to Unlimited Data Plan 1500, I am just waiting for the approval.
    Are you allowed to use the facebook apps of android or will it be billed on top?
    I was also wondering if I could use tethering and be billed on top. I am thinking that I could use the wifi hotspot feature for emergencies when I need to hook up my laptop for work.

  2. You wont be billed for using the Facebook app for Android, or other similar apps (like Tweetdeck). Tethering is not allowed, at least that is what I was told when I got the plan. Never really tried it though.

    If you tether note the time and date that you do so you can tell if you were billed for it in your next statement.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I will try the tethering once my plan is approved. I do hope it will go on top of the bill rather than count it against the 1.5Gb cap.

    Another question: are there Android apps available for yahoo messenger that will not be billed?

  4. The only thing you should not use is Opera Mini. Smart used Opera Mini for its value added services and I think this results in billings problems. Using the Email client also appears to result in additional billing (as this is what is used by Nokia Messaging I think). Using the Gmail client does not.

    Would appreciate your feedback.

  5. Thanks for the information. I will try the tethering once I have it.

  6. has ayone tried the tethering?

  7. Hi Pyroleus, have you tried tethering?


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