Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get traffic updates on your Android, iOS or Nokia Symbian devices

Tired of getting stuck in traffic unaware that you were driving into a major snarl. Try Street Smart. Street Smart is a free app from Numlock Solutions which gives you traffic updates. Street Smart is available for Android, iOS and Nokia Symbian devices.

How does the app work. Traffic updates are reported by users and the MMDA. Reporting a update is easy, it can take as little as three clicks. Or you can add a further description if you want.

User reports show up in a Map View and a List View. Map View is great. It shows updates shows user updates from the last hour, on Google Maps. This part of the app is easy to use and gives quick at a glance information.

The Map View has no MMDA reports. Right now most of the reports are from the MMDA. To get MMDA reports, or user reports older than one hour, you have to go to the List View. List View can get confusing since there is no easy way to figure out which one is relevant to you without reading the entire list. You cannot segregate updates from a particular city.

Worse, on List View some user reports are vague since some user reports do not display locational info and have to click a link to see where the report is from. MMDA reports, are confusing to read in general unfortunately. Now if the MMDA people sarted using Street Smart, that would really make this app a super app.

So what do we what do we. Map View great. List View so so. With more user reports there would be no need to use the List View at all, so there may really be no need to improve the app. More users could fix "weakness" in the current interface. I would not mind dropping List View altogether. 

But when you get more users submitting more reports, it might be necessary to have a way to filter reports to limit it to a particular city or a given radius from your particular location. Right now user reports are still few in number. Lets see how this pans out.

Anyway, enough of our comments. Want to see how it works, or near get real time traffic info on your PC? Check out Street Smarts traffic reports here.

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