Sunday, March 18, 2012

AMD Fusion versus Intel Cedar Trail Atom

 One question often ask in this blog is what low cost ultraportable is worthwhile buying. When it comes to cool running low cost platforms which can be placed in small 10 to 12-inch laptops we recommend the AMD Fusion E-450. 

It direct competitor, the Intel Atom N2800 Cedar Trail SOC, they are pretty close in terms of processor performance, which are both a lot faster than the lower end AMD solution, the AMD Fusion C-60

  • AMD E-450 -  742
  • Intel Atom N2800 - 723
  • AMD C-60 - 564

The AMD E-450 comes with the Radeon 6310 or 6320 graphics which have support for DirectX 11. The Intel Atom Cedar Trail Intel HD 3650 graphics processing unit only has support for DirectX 9. In terms of speed the AMD solutions are all much faster.

  • AMD E-450/Radeon 6320 - 2,495
  • AMD E-450/Radeon 6310 - 2,072
  • AMD C-60/Radeon 6290 - 1,680
  • Intel Atom N2800/Intel GMA 3650 - 440 
Unless graphics performance is irrelevant to you, the new Cedar Trail Atom is no match for any of the AMD options. An AMD Fusion C-60 laptop will cost you Php2,000 or less than an AMD E-450, but the additional cost is well worth the additional performance.

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