Friday, March 2, 2012

Android ICS on-screen non-existent on MWC 2012 smartphones

One thing I noticed about the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) phones announced at Mobile World Congress 2012 is that manufacturers have opted to retain dedicated touch sensitive buttons, instead of the on-screen soft keys of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The three buttons are part of the screen.

Dedicated Touch Sensitive Buttons.

It really does not matter all that much. It is just surprising that we did not notice a single phone that follows the Galaxy Nexus lead. Instead of the four buttons specified for the original Android design, only three buttons are now being used, like ICS, with the search button being omitted.

Does anyone know of any other Android phone that uses on screen buttons?


  1. Acer CloudMobile, paps.

    1. I guess that would be correct. Although the Acer CloubMobile was unveiled two weeks before MWC 2012, I guess MWC 2012 was the official date of announcement.

  2. Would the Asus Padphone count?

    Take note, the phones mentioned so far all happen to be carrying mostly vanilla ICS.


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