Monday, March 12, 2012

Windows 8 - Making the personal computer more personal

Microsoft Windows 8, set to be released not later than Quarter 4 of 2012 will be used on Microsoft Windows desktop, laptops and tablets. It uses the same Metro interface as Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5. 

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The end result is an almost completely unified environment. When you are on you desktop, laptop or tablet, there will be no need to check you phone, except for incoming calls and SMS. All other notifications, like email, social media updates and messaging will be displayed across your Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices using identical applications. Since the source of the notifications is not just the internet, and not Windows Phone devices, it will also plays nice with Android and iOS devices. 

While there are plenty of complaints from Windows users online, online comments are made by the  "power users". You see the same type of comments made about Lion OS X's new iOS looking desktop, and touch screen friendly Linux desktops.  While a segment of the market wants things to remain the way they have been for the past decade and a half, with a PC optimized desktop, the regular consumer will love the unified environments making going from device to another a seamless experience. I suspect, they will like the new Windows 8.

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