Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flash is dead... sort of

March is a amazing month for people who love wristwatches. BaselWorld, the worlds biggest watch and jewelry show is held this month every year (April in 2013 though). Visiting the websites of my favorite watch brand on my laptop was a bit disappointing.

Going to the Rolex website resulted in a webpage telling me I needed flash.

If you visit the same site, with a browser which does not support Flash like the Metro Internet Explorer, this is what you see instead, a notice that you need to install Flash.

Going to the Oris website, Flash is still needed.

Oris does have a alternative portal for HTML only browsers.

Okay, maybe it is just the watch companies that are slow to transition, but some tech sites still have not started the migration.

HTML only browser yields this:

Flash is dead, or rather dying, but it looks like it will be a long death. Fortunately, I can still install Adobe Flash on my MacBook Air, although I set it to only load flash when on demand. 

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