Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tablet and Phablet Buyers Guide

Okay, this is not really a guide, but to explain why I never write. Any. I don't, because it does not make sense. If you want a big tablet, well I would advise you choose between one of the various models buy an Apple iPad 2 or iPad 4. What about the Android tablets? Well, the ecosystem for Android apps optimized for 10-inches really makes it a no go for me. Microsoft Surface, really appeals more to someone thinking about buying a laptop than a tablet. If you want a surface, you want a keyboard.

In the smaller tablet front, you have the Apple iPad mini, Google Nexus 7 and a army of generic small tablets. The iPad mini and Nexus 7 occupy very different price points, the 32 GB Nexus 7 tablets costing 20% or so less than the 16 GB iPad mini's, As for the army of small generic tablets, there are many offering, all of which are decidedly similar. A few, like the Android powered Starmobile Engage, with a HD display and less the Php8K retail price do stand out. Really a iPad mini versus Nexus 7 comparison is more useful than a buyers guide.

With Phone Tablets ("Phablets"), it is buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, or a Galaxy Note. Sure, LG has their Vu, but a 4:3 aspect ratio display and Android are just not a good mix.

Basically, with these gadgets, there are not enough interesting options to write a guide. Let's hope that changes in the next few months. 

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