Monday, January 14, 2013

Smart Communications Tops NTC Network Quality Tests Again

Smart Communications has again top the National Telecommunications network quality test, besting Globe Telecom in all five categories.  The NTC tests the following:

  1. Blocked Calls or Grade of Service (GoS)—percentage of calls that were not given access by the network.
  2. Dropped Call Rate (DCR)—percentage of on-going calls that were involuntarily terminated.
  3. Average Receive Signal Level—signal strength that was being provided by the serving cellsite to the mobile handset of the subscriber while a conversation is on-going.
  4. Average Signal Quality—the quality of voice transmission while a subscriber is using his mobile phone. The closer to “0”, the fewer errors in transmission.
  5. Call Set-Up Time—time required for the network to activate the called party

Smart also topped Globe in the two previous tests conducted by the NTC, outscoring Globe 5-0 and 4-1 in two tests conducted in 2012.  

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