Thursday, May 30, 2013

How much have you spent on Google Play? A look at ecosystem loyalty.

I got by cheap. It is now two years since Google made paid apps available in the Philippines. I figured it is a good time to figure out how much I have spent there. In order of acquisition:

(In US Dollars)

1. Screen Lock and Off (Donate) by Kateca - $0.99
2. X-Plane by Laminar Research (plus one in-app purchase) - $5.99
3. SwiftKey by TouchType - $1.99
4. Photo Enhance Pro by Mark Wheadon - $0.99*
5. Robo Defense from Lupis Laps - $2.99
6. Sketchbook Mobile from Autodesk  - $0.10*
7. Soundhound - $0.10*
8. Read-It-Later (now Pocket) - $0.10*
9. Pano by Debacle Software - $0.10*
10. Sim City Deluxe by EA - $0.10*
11. Edomondo Sports Tracker Pro - $0.10*
12. FlightTrack by Mobiata - $0.10*
13. ezPDF Reader by Unidocs - $0.10*
14. Sentinel 3: Homeworld by Origin - $0.10*
15. Picsay Pro - US$1.99*
16. Dead Space by EA - US$0.49*
17. Tasks by Team Task - $0.99
18. Root Explorer - $3.99
19. Titanium Backup - $5.99
20. OfficeSuite Pro 6+ from Mobile Systems, Inc - $0.25*
21. Nova Launcher Prime - $0.25*
22. Symphony of Eternity by KEMCO - $0.25*
23. XDA Premium - $0.99*
23. Chaos Ring by Square Enix - $3.99*
24. Eve of Genesis by KEMCO - $0.99*
25. Symphony of the Origin by KEMCO - $4.49
26. Final Fantasy Dimensions by Square Enix - $8.99*
27. 1Weather Pro - $1.99
28. Silver Nornir - $0.99*
29. Final Fantasy III - $7.49*

Total - $57.97

I have managed to get by pretty cheap with three major Google Play sales in the past two years.  A full two-thirds of my purchases were bought on sale.

  • Apps bought at full price - 9
  • Apps bought on sale - 20

On the apps on sale, well I do tend to "waste" money. I have never used, except to look at, 40% of the apps I have purchased during a sale. 

  • Apps bought at full price I have not used - 0
  • Apps bought on sale I have not used - 8

Still this is not bad. The eight apps I got on sale that I do not use cost me all o $3.12. So basically, only 5% of the money I spend on Google Play can be considered as "wasted".

Ecosystem loyalty. One thing mentioned often mention in apps, is ecosystem loyalty. That my previous purchases on Android, or iOS or other platform would keep me on the platform.  How many apps would I replace if I moved to a different platform. It comes to bout to 6 to 8, since some platforms like Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 bundle apps I would normally be willing to pay for.

The others apps, well they are been there and done that. Mostly these are games. One I have gone through it, I don't think I will be playing it again. Well I think I will play it one day in the future again. So far, I have now. 

Interesting thing about games, I am not a big gamer, but gamer but more than a third of my total app purchases. If you at my last ten purchases, seven are games. Basically, one you have your core of productivity apps, what else is there to buy?

Looking at the past two years, I have not spent much, and what I have purchased would not be enough a significant factor i staying on Android or not. Free apps like Google Drive & Docs and Maps are more more significant factors in keeping me in the Android ecosystem.

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