Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some interesting postpaid options from Globe, Smart and Sun

Since my postpaid contract is up for renewal I have been looking at my options and made some interesting finds I want to share.

Sun Samsung Galaxy S4. If you can live without LTE and SMS is important to you, Sun Cellular may have the best offer on the Samsung Galaxy S4. At Plan 1599 (Php999 service fee + Php600 for the phone) you get a Galaxy S4 on a 24-month contract, with the following services:
  • Unlimited internet (subject to Sun Cellulars fair use policy)
  • 5 minutes of Sun-to-Sun calls
By comparison, you can also get a Samsung Galaxy S4 from Globe at Plan 1599 a month, with unlimited LTE data and 125 SMS to all networks.

Globe Blackberry Z10. If you want a BlackBerry Z10, than you want it from Globe Telecom. Globe's BlackBerry Z10 is the Qualcomm powered LTE version. The ones offered by Smart, Sun Cellular and found from official BlackBerry retailers are the Ti OMAP HSPA+ versions. Now, I know it will cost you as much as a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Apple iPhone 5 from Globe Telecom. I too felt that it was not worth the money. But give the demo unit a try, and you might fall in love with the user interface (I did).

Php1,999 a month is a good option for getting a BlackBerry Z10. Go with Plan 1799 and spread over the Php4,800 cash out over 24 months.

Any phone at Smart All-In Plan 800/1200/1800/2500. At all in Plan 2500, you can have pretty much anything you want. A Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia Z. The Nokia Lumia 920 and Sony Xperia V look interesting at All-In Plan 1800. At All-Plan 1200 the Huawei Ascend D1 and Apple iPhone 4S (8GB), with Php4,500 cash out, are nice options. Even at All-In Plan 800, you get a very decent phone in the ZTE T82 with Php4,500 cash out.

It's not about the phone, its the Tri Net Plus 400 Flexibundle. For Php400 you get:
  • 500 mins to SMART, Sun, Talk 'N Text and PLDT Landline
  • 2,000 texts to ALL NETWORKS
  • 150MB worth of mobile browsing for 30 days


  1. already got my renewal phone from smart - xperia z :)

    1. Were you able to get your phone right away or did you have to wait?


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