Friday, May 24, 2013

Guess who is not on Philippine Standard Time?

Republic Act No. 10535 requires television and radio stations to synchronize their clocks with Philippine Standard Time. Unfortunately, the law forgot to include telecommunications providers. By default your mobile phone gets it time from your carriers network. Setting my phone to get time from Smart Communications network, I found that it was 11 minutes and 18 seconds behind Philippine Standard Time (give or take a second to account for latency). 

Despite not being covered by the law, I hope Telco's do sync with Philippine Standard Time. These days, most people rely on their mobile phones to tell the time.

If your computer or mobile is already sync to some other online atomic clock time server, there is no need to worry. Comparing Philippine Standard Time to other online atomics clocks,  Philippine Standard Time is in sync with the various atomic clocks around the world.


  1. I agree with this one. I'm kinda irritated by this as well.

  2. I checked my phone (GLOBE) if it is following the PST and it is but my friend's phone (SMART) doesn't. I hope Smart will do something about it though... Cooperate to make the Philippines a better place.. :)


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