Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Services Added to Smart's All-In Plans

There is a war raging between the countries top two telecom companies. Globe had just unveiled its My Best Ever Super Plan which allows you to tailor fit your plan more than ever before. Smart on the other hand has added some very interesting services to its own configurable All-In Plan.

The most interesting new offering is the Php999 Unli Call & Text Combo which gives you unlimited calls and text with the Smart, TNT and Sun networks with 1 GB worth of mobile browsing for 30 days.

Another interesting new option is the Php400 Tri Net 400 option which gives you 500 minutes of Smart, TNT, Sun and PLDT Landline calls, 2000 SMS to all networks and 150 MB of mobile browsing for 30 days.

One new offering that does not seem to be worth it is the Php300 Tri Talk 300 which gives you 300 minutes of Smart, TNT, Sun and PLDT Landline calls. It would seem to make more sense to add Php100 and get Tri-Net 400.

These All-In Plans come bundled with mobile phones. The most interesting phones offered are as follows:

All-In Plan 1200 - Huawei Ascend D1
All-In Plan 1800 - HTC 8X and Sony Xperia V
All-In Plan 2500 - Sony Xperia Z

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