Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sony Xperia ZR will be coming to the Philippines

CNET has been able to confirm that the Sony Xperia ZR will be coming to the Philippines, as well as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. 

The Sony Xperia Z is my favorite of the current crop of handsets, mainly because it has a 4.55-inch display. I belong to the camp that feels that 5-inches is just a little too big. The Xperia ZR will me a upper mid-level handset, packing the same processor as the Google Nexus 4 rather than the newer more powerful Qualcom S600 or S800 processors. Still, I think it packs enough power to be your electronic companion for the next two years. There are three versions of the Xperia XR including an LTE version.

The Sony Xperia Z will not be coming to other parts of the region like Singapore and Australia, indicating that the Xperia ZR will not be release widely. This may be of concern to those who like to root their phones and install custom ROM's,

I expect the Sony Xperia ZR to hit Philippine shores by June or July 2013.

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