Monday, May 27, 2013

How much does it cost to repair a damaged smartphone?

Repairing smartphones can get rather expensive. Here are several examples of repairs friends of mine have made:

Apple iPhone 4

Problem: Unresponsive Home Button
Cause: Ware and tear cause 18 months of use
Cost: About Php6,250 + Local Tax

Apple does not repair iPhone's in the traditional way by replacing the broken parts. Instead when a phone is repaired it is replaced by a refurbished unit. Cost of repair: US$149 (Tax Note Included) at the Apple Store of Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, USA.

The phone does come with a new one year warranty.

This one was repaired during a trip to the USA. It can be done through Globe Telecom (for Globe iPhones) for about Php10,000.

Samsung Galaxy S II
Problem: Cracked glass, LCD still working
Cause: Phone was sat on
Cost: Php7,000

Gorilla Glass is strong but not unbreakable. Sitting on your phone can bet rather expensive, A warranty is provided for only the parts replaced.

Samsung Galaxy S III
Problem: Cracked camera LEN's
Cause: Phone was dropped onto concrete from around 1.5 meters 
Cost: About Php4,500

The phone was not in a protective case. Amazingly enough the case is not scratched.  A warranty is provided for only the parts replaced.


  1. Nice post. When your smartphone would damage created problem because no repair center available.

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