Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cherry Mobile Fusion Benchmarks - Smokin

Exactly how fast is the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt? Initial AnTuTu benchmarks of units distributed to bloggers during the launch of the tablet fell a bit below the 6000 mark. Decent for the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt asking price of Php3,999, but disappointing to many given that the table had a quad core processor.

The day before the launch, Cherry Mobile posted it own benchmarks on in Facebook page showing its tablet nearly hitting 12000 Antutu benchmark points. This level of performance makes its performance comparable to a Tegra 3 powered Google Nexus 7.

byrone of TipidPC has posted his Cherry Fusion Bolt benchmarks.

With this, I think we can put all doubts as to the stellar performance of Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt to rest. 

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