Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sun Cellular is Offering the BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry is facing though time these days. Once the top smartphone maker in the world, BlackBerry is now fighting for survival. BlackBerry's newly release duo of BlackBerry 10 OS phones won't be enough for it to compete with Google's Android and Apple's iOS. BB10 is really about the fight for third place, which is the spot BlackBerry and Microsoft's Windows Phone will be fighting for this year.

In the Philippines at least, BlackBerry is of to a good start. Sun Cellular is also releasing the BlackBerry Z10, which means you will find the device on all three Philippine carriers (Note: Sun Cellular is now a subsidiary of PLDT which also owns Smart Communications).

Sun Cellular is offering the BlackBerry Z10 at Plan 1799 with a 30 month contract. The plan includes unlimited calls and text within the Sun network, 250 SMS to other networks, unlimited land line calls, 60 minutes of IDD calls to 10 countries and unlimited mobile data. Notably, you will not be getting LTE connectivity on Sun's network which is only HSPA capable.

Going back to its battle with Windows Phone, only one carrier is offering a Windows Phone device. Smart Communications is offering the non-LTE version of the HTC Windows Phone 8S. For now, BlackBerry has the jump on Windows Phone in the Philippines in terms of carrier support.

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