Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Updated Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Benchmarks

Last month Cherry Mobile gave away samples of its Fusion Bolt, a quad core tablet with an HD display. Benchmarks posted by PinoyTech Blog put the AnTuTu benchmarks at 5665 points, which was disappointing to some. Comparing it with benchmarks from AnTuTu's database, it still looked like a very good value for money proposition.

With Cherry Mobile set to release the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt for sale, the company has posted its own benchmark on its Facebook page showing a much higher 11932 points, which puts it within spitting distance from a Google Nexus 7, which does 12726 AnTuTu benchmark points.

A Php3,999 tablet with a 7-inch HD (800 x 1280) display which scored 5665 points on the AnTuTu benchmarks gets a buy recommendation from me. At 11932 points, getting one for Php3,999 would seem to be highway robbery, with the buyer being on the winning end.

It looks the time between the launch and the release in the market, Ainol, which manufactures the Cherry Mobile Fusion bolt, has been optimizing the firmware for the new Actions Semiconductor ATM7025 processor and Vivante GC1000+ graphics processing unit. 

Too good to believe? Let's keep out fingers crossed.

Update: An independent test score the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt at 12042 points. Benchmark results vary a bit with each run, but this basically confirm Cherry Mobile post.


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  2. Hi, Robert. Those who bought production units yesterday did their own AnTuTu benchmarks, giving them similar scores, varying from 10K to 11K+.

  3. the date in the test was 2011, was that really the cherry mobile fusion bolt? thanks!

    1. The date on the device is probably not set correctly. AnTuTu 3.1.1 came out in late 2012 I think.

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