Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Facebook Is No Longer Considered Cool by Teenagers

Even Facebook has admitted that it's social network is no longer that "cool" with teenagers, reports the DailyMail. The companies annual report published last month states: "We believe that some of our users, particularly our younger users, are aware of and actively engaging with other products and services similar to, or as a substitute for, Facebook."

I think every social network is destined to have a rise and a fall. Let me explain. Some online services can stay on top virtually forever. Google's Search and Maps is one example. Unless someone provides a better service, there is no reason to move to a different service. Social networks, even if they improve to provide the best services will fall, because of their age demographic. It is simple really. How many teens want to be sharing stuff on social network their parent frequent? A tagged pic might reveal you were not at the place you told your mom you were, last Friday night. We don't hang out in the same bars, clubs and joints as our parents for a reason. Why do we want to be on the same social network.

Social networks are about sharing, and no matter what you do in terms of privacy settings, they really cannot be public. A tagged picture, a comment by a mutual friend, a "Like" and information about you will be shared with a larger audience. Google+ while offering intricate sharing options probably committed Hara-kiri with its real name policy. 

And lets be blunt about. How many of us understand all the intricacies of the social networks we join. When I was on Facebook, I tried to limit the people who could view the account by hiding my profile. Apparently, it could be see through my friends profile. On Google+, I really don't know if what I share privately on Google+ can be re-shared by another member in my private circle. Even when we figure out how to move around our social networks semi-covertly, the terms and conditions can change. 

The solution seems simple enough. Don't join the same social network as your parents. Even as we share things, we would like to share things only within given parameters. Best way to do this is not to go where your parents like to hangout.

Because of this, it seems inevitable that with each generation of users, you will see social networks become popular, while others, go out of style. 

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