Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Grand Battery Life

We took a look at the battery life of LG Optimus G and Sony Xperia Z, and compared them with the established leaders, the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III. LG's and Sony's offering faired pretty well. Now I am going to add the more modest, mid-priced, 5-inch Samsung offering, the Galaxy Grand.

Talk Time

Sony Xperia Z - 16 hours and 3 minutes
LG Optimus G - 15 hours and 30 minutes
Samsung Galaxy Grand - 12 hours and 45 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S III - 10 hours and 15 minutes
Apple iPhone 5 - 8 hours and 42 minutes

The quad core Qualcomm S 4 processor on the Sony and LG seems to be very efficient in low powered tasks, but the Samsung Galaxy Grand does pretty well beating the Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 5.

Video Playback

Apple iPhone 5 - 10 hours and 12 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S III - 9 hours and 27 minutes
Samsung Galaxy Grand - 8 hours and 11 minutes
LG Optimus G - 7 hours and 30 minutes
Sony Xperia Z - 5 hours and 39 minutes

The Samsung Galaxy Grand has a large 5-inch display, but with a low WVGA (480 x 800) resolution. It has the same 2100 mAh battery you find in the Galaxy S III. So I was expecting it to better in this test.

Web Browsing

Apple iPhone 5 - 9 hours and 58 minutes
Samsung Galaxy Grand - 7 hours and 9 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S III - 6 hours and 27 minutes
Sony Xperia Z - 6 hours and  37 minutes
LG Optimus G - 5 hours and 15 minutes

Same comment.

Standby (with 1 hour of calls, video playback and web browsing per day)

Samsung Galaxy Grand - 56 hours
Apple iPhone 5 - 51 hours
Samsung Galaxy S III - 50 hours
Sony Xperia Z - 48 hours
LG Optimus G - 45 hours

Having been in the middle of all tests, the Galaxy Grand holds the top spot in the standby time category.

Source: GSM Arena

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