Friday, June 15, 2012

Android tablets preferred by businesses and IT professionals?

Katherine Noyes of PCWorld reports that "a full 44 percent of first-time tablet buyers in business and IT plan to purchase an Android device in the upcoming 12 months, compared with just 27 percent planning to go with an iPad, according to a new study from IDG Connect".

Connect's study of 3124 worldwide IT and business professionals demonstrates a startling move away from iPads, especially in developing regions. Results show that 71% of respondents own a tablet, 51% of these have an iPad, but more first time buyers will opt for Android over the next 12 months:
-- 44% will buy an Android tablet
-- 27% will buy an iPad
-- 3% will opt for Windows 8
-- 21% aren't sure
Android is the likely choice for the highest proportion of future buyers in Africa (44%). (Only 21% plan to buy an iPad.) Among prospective buyers, preference for Android is lowest in North America (30%) and Australia/New Zealand (35%). The exception to this developed and developing world split occurs in Europe, where only 23% of non-owners plan to buy an iPad, compared with 49% who will buy an Android tablet.

Source: IDG Connect.

Apple's iPad own the consumer space right now. Will Android rule in the business sector?

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