Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Smart expands its PISO SALE line-up

Php500 a month + Php1 = Great Deal

Smart is offering some older units in its expanded "Piso Sale". From June 18 to 25, 2012 you can get any of the following devices.

All-in Plan 1800

  • Apple iPhone 4 (8GB)   
  • Nokia E7
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500

Recommendation: Pick of the lot is the Apple iPhone 4. If you plan to avail of unlimited data might as well go with Data Plan 2000 and get the Apple iPhone 4S by shelling out Php2,500. But if you do not want a data plan, the iPhone 4 is a pretty decent offering at this price.

All-In Plan 1200

  • Apple iPhone 3GS (8GB)
  • Nokia E5 

All-In Plan 800

  • Nokia N9 (16GB/64BG) 

Recommendation: The Nokia N9 is a steal at this plan, and a better choice that the phones at Plan 1200. The Apple iPhone 3GS and Nokia E5 are really obsolescent devices.
All-in Plan 500

  • HTC Mozart
  • Samsung Wave II S8530
  • Nokia E72

Recommendation: Not a bad deal for an HTC Mozart.

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