Monday, June 18, 2012

Smart Unli Social Plan 349

Smart Communications is offering a new Unli Social Plan 349 which offers unlimited SMS within the Smart network, and unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo! Messenger. Facebook and Twitter access is only allowed through the Smartnet app. If you access Facebook or Twitter through a web browser or apps other than the Smartnet app you will be charged Php10 per 30 minutes of use. Clicking links posted in the Facebook or Twitter feeds will also result in web browsing charges. 

Basically, while the plan is limited, it does come bundled with a free Android phone and you can post and read Facebook and Twitter, and message through YM to your hearts content.



  1. my gf asked SMART in Lucena, and they told her the unlimited Facebook will only last until December. False online advertisement.

  2. That's true, It was not disclosed to me when I went to their store to get a line, after 15 days, I was told by a friend that I should confirm what my plan 349 covers to avoid extra/data charges. So, I called CUST SERV (*888) and was told that unli fb/twitter is only until DEC., I asked him "KYLE" why the plan is called unli social when it's limited until dec 2013, I even told him why not call the plan "DECEMBERSOCIAL", he just said "no UPDATES regarding smarts move on the plan". he also told me that it'll be just the unli sms...

    If I was told that FB/TWITTER is only until DECEMBER, I would have taken the 999plan instead.. now, im stuck with the friggin plan and can't upgrade to a better plan. He said, I need to deal with it for the next two years. Whats worse, he even asked me if I'd like to take their survey... The NERVE, why ask someone who is pissed from false/incomplete information from SMART and the sales rep at SM SOUTHMALL, Las Pinas City?


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