Friday, June 8, 2012

Smart Communications offers free unlimited Facebook access

Starting today, June 8 2012, and until July 8 ,2012, Smart Communications will unlimited access to Facebook. The service is available to any phone that can support a mobile browser.

To get avail of the promo, Smart subscribers need to text FB to 211. You will receive an SMS with a download link. You will need to have a P1 maintaining balance to be able to avail of the free Facebook access. Follow the instructions to get the Facebook Mobile App. When you resister you will be notified that your unlimited Facebook access only runs until July 8, 2012. I am not sure if this promo will only run until July 8, 2012. There was no mention in Smart's press release that the promo was time limited,

The other way to access the service is to using your cellphone’s browser. Just go to  The free offer is only for access to Facebook, and regular data charges will apply when a user clicks on a link to browse photos, videos, news articles or any other content outside of Facebook. I would advise users who plan to use their browser are advised to set the as the mobile browser’s home page. That way no charges will apply upon start of browsing.

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