Sunday, June 17, 2012

The HTC One S headed for the Philippines wont be getting the Krait

It looks like it is pretty much confirmed that the Philippines is not getting the original HTC One S, with Qualcomm S4 processor, with its powerful dual core Krait's built on the new power saving 28 nanometer technology.

Due to a shortage of Qualcomm S4's, we are getting an HTC One S with the older Qualcomm S3 which was found in last years HTC Sensation and HTC Sensation XE. The processor will be clock at 1.7GHz making it a bit faster than last years Sensations. The S3 is built on older 45 nanometer technology so do not expect it to have the same stellar battery life as the S4 version of the HTC One S. 

The suggested retail price is about Php27,000 according to PhoneArena. The SRP of the HTC One X is Php32,990 but the street price is in the 28-30K price range. We would expect the HTC One S (S3 variant) to sell here in the 22-24K price range.

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