Friday, July 15, 2011

2011 Macbook Air laptops coming very very soon

We expect to see the new Sandy Bridge powered MacBook Air's to come this month coinciding with the release of Apple new Lion operating system. With the the entry of Sandy Bridge you will loose the Nvidia GeForce 320M graphic processing unit and instead get an Intel HD Graphics 3000. In the process the MacBook will loose about 10% of its graphics punch, but in turn will get a major boost in processing power and a substantial increase in battery life. 

We expect the entry level MacBook Airs, to come with 4GB of RAM and I suspect the 64GB SSD is a thing of the past, with even the entry level 11.6-inch model sporting a 128GB SSD drive. We also expect the back-lit keyboard to make its return.

Physically, you wont be able to tell the new MacBook Airs from last years model, but nothing bad about that. It is probably the best looking laptop I have ever owned.

We do not expect a price increase, so if you are buying a MacBook Air with the old Core2 Duo inside, it is best to make sure you get a bit (20%) discount.

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