Friday, July 29, 2011

Fastest mobile internet

I remember when Globe Visibility first came out offering high speed internet. The service promised and delivered 1.4Mbps for Php2,000 per month. Network congestion soon changed that. I think Globe Telecom was expecting people to use it on laptops, and not plugged to desktops 24/7. Some people even used them as internet connections for Internet Cafe's. High-speed broadband was in its infancy, so these were just growing pains.

If you are looking for the fastest mobile internet today, you have two choices. 

a) Globe Telecom offers its Tatoo Tonino Lamborghini promising 10Mbps, a postpaid service for Php2,199 a month. This can be availed of with a USB Modem or a personal WiFi modem.  

b) Smart Communications is offering its Smart Bro Rocket Plug-It promising 12Mbps. This is a prepaid service at Php10 for 30 minutes. The USB modem will cost you Php3,995.  

Service is not yet nationwide so check on network coverage for the higher speeds before availing of either service. 

If Smart keeps their service time limited or caps the bandwidth, I think I will be availing of their Rocket. I don't need a lot of bandwidth, but especially on the road, I would like it fast. Of who knows, maybe now we will get a unlimited un-congested network. Being one of the early adopters of Globe's Visibility, I will sit this one out for a bit and see how it plays out.

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  1. This products are really good. What will be the price for this.
    Waiting for your reply.


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