Friday, July 22, 2011

Smart Always On Data Plans

Smart Communications has announced a new set of data plans. In addition to the original time based per minutes plans, and Unlimited Data Plans, Smart now offers it "Always On" plans.

I noticed that Smart highlights it Php300 plan. This is a good choice I think. This will be enough to get your email, use your instant messengers and social networking phone apps. 

There is one worrisome part, "once ALWAYS ON plans is fully consumed, standard P10/30 minute charging will apply". If you get this plan, it would be advisable to check your balance on a regular basis

If you get ALWAYS ON 300, and exceed the 250MB cap for 24 hours, that will cost you Php480 for one day. Hopefully, they send you an SMS when you exceed your cap. Will try to find out about it.

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