Friday, July 22, 2011

Around the web: Android apps & and some tablet market share news

Viber. GSM Arena has a review of the new for Android (been on iOS since late last year) VOIP (voice calls over WiFi or 3G) and messaging app Viber. You can download free (it is also add free) from the Android Market.
Been using it for two days now. My biggest gripe is there is no way to log out, which many will want to do if they plan to use it WiFi only. It needs a fairly strong 3G signal for voice calls, so in the Philippines it is pretty much a WiFi only app. The good thing is that battery life use seems negligible.

Angry Bird Rio Update. Fifteen new levels to satisfy the needs of Angry Bird addicts :)

Android Tablet Market Share. Phone Arena reports that Android now has 30% of the tablet market share. It is just a guess, but I am betting most of those are mostly cheaper Android 2.2/2.3 tablets. Google should have really given more support to Android 2x as a tablet OS.

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