Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fedora 15's Gnome 3

Been on Fedora 15, with the new Gnome 3 GUI for two days now, and I must say I really like it. Gnome 3 really leaves the Windows heritage far behind, without moving to a MacOS set-up which I feel Ubuntu's  Unity does (which is not nessesarily a bad thing).

Multitasking on Gnome 3... and there is a workspace switcher a t the right

It looks similar to Unity, but works much better once you get used to using the Windows key a lot. The application manager is similar to Unity but more intuitive and easier to use.  

This user interface would work really well even on small screens. You can pin your favorite apps on the bar at the right.

The desktop as you we have known it no longer exist. Windows are no longer minimized. You just throw things into the background, or other workspaces. Yes, this is something really new. Well, maybe no. If Android ever came to the desktop, it might look like this.

The settings lacks some options I would like to find there, but not a deal breaker. I tried Fedora out of curiosity, and decided to give it a long period of use. Hard to come to a conclusion on something till you use it a lot. But I was thinking I would go back to Ubuntu in a month. Now it looks like I might keep this one until the next cycle of released of Ubuntu and Fedora.

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