Thursday, July 14, 2011

Which is the best Tablet for you?

Kevin C. Tofel of GigaOM has an article entitled "Which is the best tablet for you?" giving a excellent overview of the available tablets in the market.  It got me thinking.

I have not gone the tablet route myself, sticking with a smartphone with a large 4.3-inch screen and a 3- pound laptop. I do keep looking a tablets, even if I cannot really find a need for one. I guess it is just the desire to have every new a shiny thing in the market.

For my wife, I got her a Galaxy Tab about six months ago. The biggest advantage was it fits nicely in her handbags, except the really dressy ones which are used for the most formal occasions. This makes it a lot more convenient to carry around than even a netbook.

I asked her this morning about what she does on her laptop and what she does on her tablet. Preparing documents and spreadsheets, blogging and photo editing she does on her laptop. Web browsing, email, watching videos, listening to music and games (well really just Angry Birds) she does on the tablet. On her smartphone (another Samsung Droid)... well calls and SMS, and is also used to listen to music and games (Cut the Rope).

With her use, basically, any platform would do. iOS, Android or something else. I do not see her getting anything bigger than 7-inches, because than carrying it around becomes more of a chore. A 10-inch tablet would not fit in her handbag. If she had to carry a separate carry case, I would think she would go with the 11.6-inch Apple MacBook Air.

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