Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sending files to Fedora 15 via Bluetooth

After pairing my mobile phone to my laptop with Fedora 15 installed, I was able to send filed from my laptop to my phone, but not from my phone to my laptop. By default Fedora 15 is not configured to allow files to be sent to it via Bluetooth and this has to be enabled. After searching in the control panel (System Settings in Fedora) I could not find the where to enable the setting which will allow Fedora 15 to receive filed over bluetooth.

Apparently this utility is not included in the installed I downloaded (I got the Live USB version). To install the Gnome User Share utility, fire up the Terminal and type in "su" without the quotation marks to give you root access. Than type your password.

After your password  is accepted type the following command and press enter:

yum install gnome-user-share

After installing the Gnome User Share utility launch the from the Applications menu.

This will bring up bring up the Personal File Sharing Preferences panel, and you simply have to click the Receive Files in Downloads Folder over Bluetooth.

You will now be able to send files via Bluetooth to your Fedora 15 computer.


  1. After doing the above steps,still I m not able to send files from my laptop fedora 15 to any mobile device.While
    connecting to other devices,getting error"Unable to find service record."Please suggest.

  2. plz check this also to make thing permanet.

  3. I've been struggling to get bluetooth working on Fedora 17, and your tip finally enabled filesharing from my phone. Thanks a million :-)


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