Sunday, July 17, 2011

AutoPlus+ for Fedora Linux

I decided to try out Fedora 15 Linux this weekend, mainly because I wanted to try out the new Gnome 3 interface. I manages to install the additional software I needed (Libre Office and GIMP) easy enough in the terminal. I installed drop box the "Windows" way, download and click next. After a fair amount of difficulty I managed to get the Adobe Flash plugin installed. 

Google Earth was proving to be a problem. After doing some search I found an application called AutoPlus that makes it easier to add commonly used plugins and apps in Fedora Linux. 

Looks like it could have saved me a lot of time installing flash too. Just in case you are trying out Fedora Linux, give this app a look. You can find more information at this link.


  1. Nice app. I wonder if this will work in Linux Mint. I recently switched to Linux and this is a nice helper for apps installation.

  2. Unfortunately, I don't think it would. As near as I can tell this app makes the appropriate entries for you in the terminal. Really great idea and makes installation of popular plugins and software a breeze.

  3. Yeah, I search about it more yesterday after reading your article. I found out that it was an app solely for Fedora. I believe the counterpart of AutoPlus in Mint is the Software/Package Manager.

  4. In fairness, Ubuntu has a easier to use default Software/Package Manager than Fedora.


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