Friday, July 15, 2011

More rumors on why the iPhone 5 was delayed

A new rumor to surface courtesy of is suggesting that Apple was forced to delay the release of the iPhone 5 due to faulty A5 processors that apparently were overheating.

The rumor says that Apple will be launching a slightly upgraded iPhone 4S this year because of the issue. This is something that we have all heard in the past.
This is someone we suspected as soon as the iPhone 4S/5 was delayed. No one has placed a dual core chip in a package as small as the iPhone 4. While the Samsung Galaxy S II 8.5 mm body is thinner than the 9.3mm body of the iPhone 4, the Samsung is a fair bit wider and larger...

Even if no other changes are made, simple putting a dual core processor in that small a package will be a great engineering feat on its own.

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