Friday, July 22, 2011

LG Optimus Pad

LG Optimus Pad. LG has announced the upcoming release of the LG Optimus Pad in the Philippines, and they are giving a Php15K "early bird" discount to those who reserve one now. The catch is the suggested retail price is Php50,000, so with the discount it still costs Php34,990.

What makes the LG Optimus Pad special? It has the same specifications as your typical Android Honeycomb tablet, except that it has a smaller 8.9-inch (720 x 1280) screen instead of the more common 10.1-inch (800 x 1280) screen. The big feature it has is it can capture 720p 3D video, which you can watch on 3D in your 3D TV. Basically, it is a tablet with a 3D video recorder. In fairness, at Php34,990 it does come with 32GB of internal storage, but at its current price, it cost more than an Apple iPad 2 with 64GB of storage.

Unless you really want a 3D video recorder on your tablet, there really is no good reason to buy this one. As for the promo price, 50K was the correct price when it was released in May 2011. Now, it is being offered at a discount abroad, so the 15K early bird promo discount seems to reflect, its current price abroad.

If you want to pre-order one, here is the link to LG Promo page.

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