Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Globe Telecom use of the Tonino Lamborgini in violation of trademark? reports that the use by Globe Telecom of the Tonino Lamborgini name for its 4G broad band service allegedly infringes on the trademark of an Italian Company name Tonino Lambofghini s.r.l.

Tonino Lambofghini s.r.l. released the following statement:

BOLOGNA, ITALY - (Marketwire - Aug. 23, 2011) - Tonino Lamborghini s.r.l., an Italy-based company which is the sole lawful owner worldwide of the trademark "Tonino Lamborghini" hereunder

wishes to inform its customers that unauthorized people are currently trading online and through Globe stores a "4G Tatto Tonino Lamborghini" broadband stick which is a counterfeited product.

Tonino Lamborghini s.r.l. has never manufactured or authorized anyone to manufacture such a product which constitutes therefore a serious trademark infringement.

Moreover the advertising campaign "Feed your need for speed" featuring Marlon Stockinger, first Filipino to win a formula race in Europe, is deceitful and unlawful since it leads to a serious likelihood of confusion between two different and separate brands and businesses that is to say "Tonino Lamborghini" and "Automobili Lamborghini".

Tonino Lamborghini s.r.l. shall take any legal action to protect the brand.

Yours faithfully,

Dott. Gian Luca Filippi

Tonino Lamborghini s.r.l.

You can read take on the issue here.

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