Monday, August 22, 2011

Globe Telecom's BlackBerry MAX plan

BlackBerry's are primarily desired not for the technological prowess of the phones itself, but the email, instant messaging, web browsing and other internet services which can only be assessed to BlackBerry's.

Data plans for local telecommunications providers pretty much give you now allow users of Android, iOS and Windows devices services similar to what is provided by BlackBerry plans. Globe Telecom has a unlimited Data Plan for phones is at Php999 per month while Sun Cellular has a data plan at Php749 per month. Smart's data plan are part of a call and SMS package, with the data aspect costing you about Php1,200 per month, though this plan comes with some restrictions on use and a 1.5GB cap. 

This made getting a BlackBerry less desirable, since a unlimited BlackBerry plan with full email, instant messaging and web browsing access would cost you Php1,200 per month.

Globe now has a new lower price on its BlackBerry MAX Plan which gives you unlimited web browsing, email, instant messaging, social networking, downloading and streaming at Php599 for 30 days. This gives the BlackBerry the cheapest unlimited data plan in the market. 
This is good news for BlackBerry owners (on Globe anyway, but I suspect Smart and Sun will follow soon with similar offers). If you are looking to buy a phone, this might give you a good enough reason to get a BlackBerry rather than an  Android and iOS device.


  1. Bakit Hindi m makapag open Ng youtube?

  2. BlackBerry phones have no support for Adobe Flash.


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